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    Our Goal

    Our goal is to provide you with a quality education and to help you develop your talents, skills, and knowledge for a sustainable career in a strong and viable industry. We design each of our programs with this in mind. We get input from employers who meet with our faculty, staff, and administration to improve existing programs and to help create new ones, depending on the how the economy and needs of industry are evolving. This means that the skills and knowledge you gain when you earn a degree from LTI come directly from the people who do the hiring and who know what qualities make a reliable and valuable employee. In short, once you graduate, you're ready to join other successful graduates who've helped us embody our theme: Real Degrees for the Real World.

    Laurel Technical Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality education and professional certifications for individuals seeking employment in various careers in response to the needs of the regional employer community.

    The objectives for Laurel Technical Institute are:
    • To Serve the Student by offering appropriate educational programs to meet regional demand at a reasonable cost
    • Providing quality career education and student support focusing on educational delivery options to meet the needs of our student population
    • To Serve the Employers by providing quality graduates to meet the employment needs of our regional employers
    • To Serve the Community by offering a local alternative for diverse career training programs at a reasonable cost

    Accreditations and licenses

    Laurel Technical Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education State Board of Private Licensed Schools, the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, and the State College System of Ohio.