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    What does it take to become a student at LTI?

    We're pleased that you are considering attending LTI. Here are the requirements students must meet in order to be admitted to our school.

    Admission Requirements

    The following criteria must be met to complete enrollment for all LTI programs.

    1. Admission Interview
    2. Application for Admission
    3. Wonderlic SLE Examination (See Additional Requirements below.)
    4. Enrollment Agreement (Application must be 18 years of age to sign or document must be cosigned by a parent or guardian)
    5. Statement of Understanding specific to program of enrollment
    6. Student Disclosure Form
    7. High School diploma, certificate or other certified document as official proof of graduation from an institute providing secondary education, General Education Diploma (GED, or the equivalent of such graduation as recognized by the United States and Pennsylvania Departments of Education)
    8. Interview with Financial Aid and completion of FAFSA Federal Student Aid Application
    9. Payment of $50.00 application fee*
    10. Some LTI programs have additional admission requirements
    *Payment of the Application Fee at time of enrollment may be waived for students re-entering LTI within less than 364 days of having withdrawn, graduation for an LTI program, and recipients of financial assistance from an agency that covers the fee for the student. Third party funding must be verified in order for the payment of the Application Fee to be waived.

    Additional Requirements

    Respiratory Therapy and Medical Laboratory Technician programs

    1. Minimum score on Wonderlic SLE Examination
    2. Job Shadowing
    3. Two-step interview


    (includes Cosmetology, Esthetics, Master Teacher of Cosmetology, and Nail Technician programs)
    1. Minimum score of 14 on Wonderlic SLE Examination


    The completed application for admission is carefully evaluated, and the decision concerning acceptance or rejection is made in the best interest of the prospective student and his or her ability to succeed at Laurel Technical Institute. If an individual fails to meet any of the above requirements prior to the start of the program, his/her enrollment will be cancelled.

    Some programs may require additional education, relocation, licensure and/or certification for employment in some positions.

    Statement of Understanding

    All students who are accepted will be required to sign a program specific Statement of Understanding form. This form lists fees related to the programs listed above (including fees for medical equipment, software, materials, uniforms, certifications, or tests), specific dress requirements for programs, clinical site for internship site requirements, and any physical requirements necessary to complete the programs.

    Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screening

    Agencies and institutes that accept LTI students for internship, clinical education and potential employers may require drug screening and/or a criminal and/or personal background check. Students with criminal records that include felonies or misdemeanors (including those that are drug-related) or personal background issues such as bankruptcy might not be accepted by these agencies for internship or employment following completion of the program. In these cases, internship and employment decisions are outside of the control of LTI.

    Information regarding requirements for drug screening and criminal background checks for students enrolling in Health Care fields and/or wishing to complete internship requirements in a healthcare facility, childcare facility or school district is included in the Student Disclosure Form.

    Sound like the place you want to be? Get in touch with us today. Call 724-983-0700 to reach the Sharon Campus or call 814-724-0700 to reach the Meadville Learning Site. You can also email or use our contact form to send us your information, and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

    LTI facilities meet current standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you have special needs as addressed by the ADA, contact LTI. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate those needs.

    Non-Discrimination: All LTI applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, martial status, non-job related physical disability, or any other legally protected classification.